The Gentlemen and ladies who reside with us at Avalon have led rich and varied lives; we understand and celebrate their individuality. When we see a picture of the bright vibrant person they were in their youth and who they are today, we see the same person.


Everyone deserves to feel the warm embrace of kindness and an understanding and appreciation for who they are as a person. That’s why, with the help of friends and family, we develop what’s known as a ‘person centred care plan’ for every service user living at Avalon. This plan ensures that the care team within Avalon care for an individual and see beyond the conditions that requires care. It allows them to connect with and understand the whole person and what is important to them. It’s the foundation of the caring relationship and plays a fundamental role in helping us to support service users to live the life they want.


The plan covers everything from medical to spiritual, physical to emotional needs as well as the individual’s likes and dislikes, religious preferences, and suggestions from family members that might make their stay with us that little bit more enjoyable. Once established it will be regularly updated to reflect changing needs and wishes to ensure that care is adapted to the needs of the moment.


You can trust us to do the simple little things that matter: tea, coffee, cake, biscuits, fresh clean sheets and a warm welcome. A friendly smile, a word of comfort and someone always on hand. We actively encourage friends and family to maintain positive relationships with their loved one, welcoming them at our home day or night and encouraging them to join in whenever they can.